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Family Learning Day

Thank you to all who attended the recent Family Learning Day. Parents supported their children in literacy and were a great support in the class lessons.  There was some very positive feedback regarding the ‘Parenting’ presentation, which was given through the art of memes!  If anyone would like a copy please contact the school office.  We highlighted 8 common mistakes and how to solve them.

  1. We don’t let our children fail, permit them to try hard things even though they might fail.
  2. We are inconsistent, find the standard that you want to embody in your home and consistently model them in your life to your own children.
  3. We remove consequences, less rules more equations.
  4. We don’t let our kids struggle, don’t remove the struggle right away. See them through it and watch them grow resilient through the process.
  5. We give them what they should earn, help them learn the art of working and waiting.
  6. We praise the wrong things, we need to affirm variables that are within their control.
  7. We value removing all pain, nurture at first but we have to allow a little pain to mature.
  8. We prepare the path, prepare the child for the path not the path for the child.

Choices for Life P7

8 of our P7 pupils recently visited Peterhead Academy as part of a transition project linked to health and wellbeing.

One group are focusing on Stranger Danger and are making a power point to be shared with primary schools to highlight this important message.

We got put into groups with other P7s and had to play Bingo. This helped us get to know other P7s.   Saffron

Me and Dylan were put in a group with people from another school. We had to make a list of all the different types of dangers we could think of and list all the people and things we could do to keep safe.   Blaine

The other group are focusing on healthy eating and in particular sugar intake. They are also creating a power point to share with the whole school at assembly. This will consider both the benefits and the effects of too much sugar on our bodies.

We had an ice breaker so we would communicate with other pupils we hadn’t met before. Ethan

This was my first visit to Peterhead Academy, I enjoyed it. We were in the new Learning Space. Amy

Christmas Fundraising

The amazing total of £1207.13 was raised for charities at our recent Christmas concerts and nativity service.   This was split equally between the two charities chosen by our Pupil Council. Last Friday, a cheque was presented to Sarah Goodyear/David Duguid representatives of the Max Appeal charity. Mr Duguid, our local MP is chairman of the Max Appeal.  It was lovely for the children to hear first-hand how the money raised would be used to support children and their families affected by DiGeorge syndrome.

It was such a privilege to also meet and hand over a cheque to Kris Dear who set up the charity Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs in memory of his little boy who sadly passed away in Nov 2015. This charity provides financial assistance to children with a cancer diagnosis by funding activities, short breaks and gifts. They aim ‘to keep children smiling through their toughest battles.


Former Pupil Success

Congratulations to two former pupils Ashley Thomas and Zara Stephen who have both won coveted apprentice of the year awards. Ashley has won the Opito’s Apprentice of the Year while Zara is Score UK Apprentice of the Year!  It is fantastic to celebrate these successes, we are very round of our FPs!

Leavers’ Legacy Fun Day

P7 organised a Christmas Fun Day for the whole school to take part in and to raise money for their Leavers’ Legacy Fund. Pupils made Christmas crafts and home-bakes to sell and had lots of fun stalls such as Find the Key, Reindeer Hoopla and a Tombola stall. With everyone’s help they raised a fantastic £575.77. They would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their support.

I loved it! I didn’t want to leave. Iona

I won a good prize. Bailey

I liked making the reindeer, snowman and elf poo to sell. It sold out fast. Lennon

I enjoyed making the Christmas crafts to sell. My favourite was the pom pom hat decorations. Connor W

I liked running the Tombola stall. Saffron

Christmas Lunch

A huge thank you to all kitchen staff who provided staff and pupils with a delicious Christmas lunch, we really appreciate the special effort!


I liked the jelly and the Christmas Crackers. Charlie

I loved pulling the crackers! Jamie

The Christmas dinner was really tasty. Dylan

My favourite part of dinner was the little sausages, they were really nice. Mia

I really liked the jelly. Ryan

It was very nice of the dinner ladies to make us a great Christmas dinner. Rylee

Thank you to SFSA for providing Christmas crackers!

Christmas Concerts

Once again, these were fantastic! P1 and P2 performed ‘The Nativity’ beautifully, while P3 and P4/5 shared ‘It’s Chriiiistmas’, telling the Christmas story through The Christmas Chart Show. This was followed by P5/6 and P7 with a panto, ‘Happily Never After’. There is so much talent in St Fergus School and it’s great to see the children perform so confidently in front of a large audience.  This was the culmination of weeks of hard work from both pupils and staff, so well done everyone!

Thank you also to all parents for your help with providing costumes and a special thank you to the parents who filmed/edited DVDs, made up the Christmas hampers so beautifully for the raffles, cleared snow from around school to make it accessible for our performances.   We are very grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you!

My mum says it was the best ever! Lucas

I had a big loud voice. Zac

I liked it when I got to jump up and down. Michael

I liked the jumping bit in the shepherds’ song. Jackson

I liked being a camel. When I was on stage I went round in a circle.  Harvey

I was a shepherd, I liked it when I said my words.  Dylan

I loved the dance that I did as a camel. Charlotte

I loved being the helper Wiseman it was funny and I liked our dance. John

The P1 and P2 concert was really great. The Christmas Story was done really well and the singing was brilliant.  Andrew

I really enjoyed my concert, especially when Finlay and I kept arguing all the time, it was great fun!  Lucy

I liked singing the songs because they were really nice songs. Louisa

I liked the bit when Isla W grabbed Connor by the neck, it was really funny.  Brooke

I enjoyed being the fairy godmother. I loved my dress.  I was nervous to start with but it felt great once it was over!  Isla D

It was really great fun practicing with the costumes.   I loved the role of Jafar.  Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney films and I liked being the villain.  Blaine


From all three concerts the massive sum of £817.70 was raised for The Max Appeal and Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs. These charities were chosen by the children. An offering will be taken at our Church Nativity service and this will also go to the above charities.


After an initial rescheduling, the whole school visit to HM Theatre on Friday was a resounding success for pupils. They were completely enthralled by an entertaining and very funny version of ‘Aladdin’. The magic flying carpet was awesome. Read on for some of the children’s comments.

It was so funny – we had to say Boo!  Bailey

I liked all of it.  Jamie

I liked the snake when it came out.  Charlie

I liked when Aladdin came flying in his carpet. Emmi

Aladdin freed himself from a box of knives.  Willow

I liked the snake, he looked like a vampire with those fangs on top.  Harrison

I liked when they had the pans with the wooded spoons.  Ellah

It was really funny when the lady was coming round on a toilet scooter.  Bethany

I liked the magic carpet, it was so cool when it came out of the stage.  Sandy

My favourite part was when Aladdin’s pan fell off and then squeaked. I loved the ‘bush of lies’, it was funny.  Aimee

When the actors squatted down I thought it was hilarious.  Lyall

It was very fun to watch I would easily go again if given the opportunity.  Ethan

All of it was amazing! The flying carpet twisted round and Aladdin managed to stay on.  Zara

Christmas Concert Charities

Donations and money raised from the sale of raffles at our Christmas concerts will be split between 2 very worthwhile charities chosen by our Pupil Council.


Hamish Dear’s Warm Hugs is a charity that supports children diagnosed with cancer so that their families can organise days out with them at times when they are well enough to be out of hospital.   Having a seriously ill child can be challenging financially as well as in so many other ways, so the charity tries to help by providing vouchers for special treats and days out.


The Max Appeal is a charity that supports families affected by DiGeorge syndrome. As well as running events and providing information and resources, the charity also supports research to expand knowledge of the condition.

Nursery Christmas Concert

The Nursery Christmas concert was a resounding success! Thank you to all members of the audience who so enthusiastically supported our youngest members of the school.  The children were so confident, performing clearly and with plenty volume to such a large crowd.  They managed to say and sing all of their words with lots of expression and it was lovely to see so many obviously enjoy their performance.  Thank you to all who supported in the lengthy preparations.  The nursery staff, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Hastie, Mrs Wiseman and Mrs Park did a fabulous job in helping the children to learn all their words and dressed them beautifully.  Thank you to all who made teas and helped to create the props used.  Also thank you to Mrs Cruden who filmed the event for the DVD.