School Uniform

We encourage all pupils to wear school uniform. This helps to instil a sense of pride and team spirit within our school. Sweatshirt orders are processed in the summer terms.

School uniform consists of – grey school sweatshirt with school logo, pale blue polo shirt, dark school skirt or trousers, dark school shoes (children should not wear high heeled shoes as these cause safety concerns). We appreciate your cooperation in support of this.

Please consider the changeable nature of weather conditions and provide your child with appropriate outerwear and footwear to suit.

PE Kit consists of – T shirt which tucks into shorts, standard length shorts, socks, gym shoes preferably with velcro or elastic fastening for younger pupils. These should be kept in a gym bag.

All clothing brought to school should be named or marked in some way, as it is difficult for children to distinguish their own clothing from that of others.

For information about nursery sweatshirts and clothing suggestions see separate nursery handbook or contact the school office.

Some families may be entitled to a school clothing grant.  More information about this can be found in the Handbook or from the school office.