St Fergus School Association

Office Bearers 2023-24

Chairperson            Mrs Adele Smart

Vice Chairperson    Mrs Kate Robertson/Miss Susan Gillanders

Secretary                Mrs Suzanne Watson

Treasurer                Mrs Karen Davie

The principle role of the SFSA is to support the school and children giving a strong and encouraging parent voice. This is done in a variety of ways, one key role of the SFSA is to raise much needed funds for the school. Over the years the SFSA have organised Bingo Teas, Christmas Fayres, Halloween and Valentine Discos.  They are very supportive of the P7 Leavers’ Legacy.

They also organise the ice lollies on sports day and the gifts at the Christmas parties. The SFSA also subsidised the school trip to the Christmas Panto in Aberdeen ensuring the cost of this was kept to a minimal meaning all the children in the school could attend. P7 receive a much anticipated ‘Night Out’ to celebrate their seven years at St Fergus at the end of the summer term.

The SFSA work closely with the Head Teachers to help them and the Class Teachers provide the best they can for the children attending St Fergus Primary School. We share the same vision as the school, “Trying Hard to do Our Best, We Aim High!”

Therefore, the SFSA donate money directly to the school to help it meet the needs of the children and the areas highlighted on the School Improvement Plan. For Example, over the years the SFSA have donated money to the school so they could purchase much needed additional reading books, ICT equipment, maths resources, science equipment, supported the refurnishing of the library and games.

The SFSA are also used as a ‘sounding board’ for changes and improvements within the school.  The SFSA are consulted about The School Improvement Plan and all main changes that are made to school.  They have contributed to solving issues such as problem parking and have given feedback on changes to reporting.

The SFSA committee aim to meet a couple of times per term and are ALWAYS happy to welcome new parents to these meetings. You don’t need to attend all meetings, just come along when you can. Meetings are informal and friendly with the main focus being on providing the best opportunities for our children.

Adopted SFSA Constitution 2018
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